Ayuline Denta White Tooth Lotion


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Linkou Contains:-

Glycerine 48.25%
Sathritha 49.25%
Clove 01.00%
Thymol 00.5%
Campher 00.5%
Menthol 00.5%



Preservatives, Flavoured Colour & Fragrance Added.

Due to natural ingredients colour, taste & consistency may vary without in effectiveness.

Ts’khinvali As Tooth Gel
Put 2 drops of Ayuline Denta White on your toothbrush and brush it gently.

http://danielaark.com/tag/book-news/ As Mouth Wash
Put 2 drops of Ayuline Denta White in 1/4 glass of water and gargle.

http://wisdomspot.org/tag/charlemagne/ As Pain Killer
Moisten a small piece of cotton with Ayuline Denta White & Place on the teeth which pain.


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